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On March 16, 2017
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Boost+ is the best Android optimization tool which is developed by leading mobile brand HTC. Optimize and boost performance and battery life without hassle.


Many times we feel like just killing the home button. Yeah… All of us are quite familiar with the scenario,where our smartphones are motionless with some apps killing the ram and making the processors freaking busy.It’s no wonder why our smartphones gets hanged frequently.There are a number of processes running in the background and a ton of junk files piling up to fill up the internal memory.And I’m sure that most of you guys are also fed up using those comic “memory booster” titled apps which claims to boosts your phones performance by showing fake results.

Playstore has thousands of memory booster apps and most of them are made to just fool around in your smartphones, only to pop-up some ads and eat some memory.So it’s no wonder you have uninstalled all of them.

You may have also read or heard somewhere that all those ‘memory boosters’ are harmful for your smartphones since all the latest versions of android are built to self-optimise itself for the best usage of ram and memory.

But have you ever wondered why the same android versions looks different in different brands of phones?.This is because almost 90% of the smartphones in the market are NOT running on stock android(pure android version).They have their own brand customised UI which inculcate and support various apps for profits.In some phones these apps can be manually uninstalled,but in some others it cant.Most of the time it is these preinstalled apps that fills up your internal memory and they also create many junk files overtime.

Leading mobile brand HTC have come up with a real and practical solution for enhancing the performance of your smartphone with the launch of their new app called Boost+.It is specially designed to optimise your android devices and clear out all the unwanted applications running in the background and thereby increasing the speed of your device.It also helps you to clear up all the junk files made by various apps which affects the performance of your phone.Boost + will also help you to analyse your app usages over time,if it is given application access. Moreover, it can also be used to lock gallery and apps and thereby providing you more privacy and security.

Unlike many other ram boosters or memory boosters available right now, we have found that Boost+ has an upper hand over them due to its intensive optimization and security features. We have tested it on both high end and low end smartphones and it is found to be working smoothly on both.It’s definitely worth a try if you want to give a boost to your smartphone.

Download Boost+ for Android

Download Boost +

Boost+ is the best Android optimization tool which is developed by leading mobile brand HTC. Optimize and boost performance and battery life without hassle.
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